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Advanced UAV Technology (AUAVT) is offering a range of seven fully autonomous helicopters, covering payloads from 1.5kg to 350kg, and mission endurance from 30 min to over 16 hours. The seven models range from the man-portable AT-10 machine to the brand new 350kg dry weight AT-1000.

AUAVT is a new venture backed by a well known distributor of advanced surveillance and protective products to police forces and other enforcement agencies. We have enjoyed a number of firsts during the past 2 years in the European UAV market:

  • first rotorcraft flight at ParcAberporth, the UK’s only dedicated civilian UAV development centre – in wind conditions with gusts of up to 42 knot;
  • only flying exhibitor at DSEi in October 2009, when it demonstrated launch and recovery of an unmanned helicopter from a floating platform in London’s Royal Victoria Docks;
  • one of its customers was the first to receive “permit to fly” authorisation under CAA guidance CAP722.

The superior performance of AUAVT’s machines comes thanks to its advanced flight control system which is implementable on any existing rotary wing machine, whether unmanned or manned.

This flight control system is modular and the ongoing development and addition of new functionality are improving the characteristics and the flexibility of the products.

The AUAVT helicopters UAV systems are able to offer all of the following features:

  • Autonomous waypoint navigation;
  • Real-time mission control from any computer connected to the internet;
  • Autonomous landing on moving platforms such as vehicles and ships; and
  • Ability to operate in a GPS-denied environment.

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