“Let us go forward together” Sir Winston Churchill 

At Pegasus Executive your perfect role is our personal Mission, we pride ourselves on our rare and unique search and selection process offering our “recruits” continual support and communication throughout our efforts.

To some of you that have a military background this may ring a few bells:

To achieve a high standard of shooting we follow a process known as the Marksmanship Principles. This ensures we always hold, aim and fire the weapon correctly, and therefore should always hit the target. They are a simple set of rules.

They are as follows:

a. The Position and hold must be firm enough to support the weapon
b. The weapon must point naturally at the target without  any undue physical effort
c. Sight alignment and the sight picture must be correct
d. The shot must be released and followed through without undue disturbance to the position.

Pegasus Executive has its own Marksmanship Principles please do get in touch so we can share them with you and help build that bridge between you and your next career path!


Mr T Dunnagan / US Sales and Marketing Leader at D30 Lab (US Based)

From initial contact to search completion James exudes credibility and professionalism. His consistent follow up to all details of a search is excellent and most of all his high level of confidentiality is reassuring. I recommend James to anyone searching for a new position domestically or internationally.

Mr H B Raval / Business Development Director Dytecna LTD (Europe Based)


I have known James for over 10 years and consider him an exceptional, eclectic and results driven individual. His relentless yet professional and discreet approach is infectious and I for one would not hesitate to recommend James to any company seeking only the best in their field.

Mr I MacFarline / Head of Business Development (UK Based)

James is a great professional extremely committed and knowledgeable. He manages to turn the recruitment process into a pleasant experience taking the pressure away from job seekers allowing you to focus completely on the opportunities at hand.

James’s experience in the defence arena allows him to match the right candidates with the ideal roles/organisations. His work goes way further than just quizzing the candidate to see what companies he should approach, James is committed to proactively identifying suitable roles / organisations and works with you, the candidate, to present your best profile to the right people in the target organisation, giving you the best possibility of progressing through interview to offer and contract, supporting you all the way.

Mr K Neilson / Sales manager Tencate (Denmark Based)

James is a true professional. His positive get-in-there attitude is a great asset and I can only give my strongest recommendations of his work.

On a personal note, James is a truly friendly person, who knows how to balance professionalism with a friendly attitude