On behalf of Pegasus Executive, I would like to thank you for this opportunity to introduce our services to your company. The following information outlines how Pegasus Executive would assist in recruiting exceptional talent for you.

Chosen for its reliability and cost effectiveness, headhunting is used when it is essential that the candidate matches a very specific set of criteria. Pegasus Executive can specifically target individuals who have a solid technical background as well as sales within allied and associated companies/industries.


We professionally approach individuals, screen and short list those genuinely interested in the opportunity rather than individuals who are solely interested in a salary increase.

With an extensive list of contacts we don’t rely on recruitment databases. Pegasus Executive headhunting campaigns provide clients with the best person for the role, not simply the best person actively seeking employment.

Whether you have a post that needs filling immediately or have a longer term recruitment strategy in place then please talk to us.  We’d love to be a part of the growth of your company.


Why use Pegasus Executive?

Pegasus Executive is an International executive recruitment consultancy. We have extensive relationships with both companies and candidates throughout all sectors.

Whilst based in the UK, we work extensively throughout Europe, the US, the Middle East and further afield.

  • Pegasus Executive is a team of highly skilled, expert recruitment executives with extensive experience in sales & senior management placements. We are well known for our rigorous methods, smart strategies and as a source of insight, knowledge and advice.
  • Working with governments, multinational corporations and SMEs alike, Pegasus Executive identifies and locates a range of candidates from middle to executive management for permanent positions.
  • Pegasus Executive has access to a very high number of candidates not currently seeking work, who have the right skills, knowledge and experience to benefit your company.
  • We will target candidates whom we know will be the best fit for your organisation.
  • We will pro-actively sell the benefits of working for you. This is about positioning your opportunity in a way that makes the best performers want to hear more.
  • We will only present to you candidates who will fit your business culture, goals and possess the ability to make a real difference.
  • We will provide a cost effective recruitment service, tailored to suit your needs.
  • We will manage the entire process and feedback results as often as you require.
  • We are discreet
  • We take the risk out of recruitment. The cost of getting a hire wrong far out-weighs the cost of getting it right with us.

The benefits of working with us - Trust, Focus, Speed, Experience, Honesty, One point of contact 


Mr M Narroway / EVP Dytecna Ltd

Many thanks for your help and advice in searching, selecting and securing our recently recruited Business Development Manager.

You fully understood the brief and provided the perfect service matching our requirements and key criteria at the first pass.

We received an excellent “customer experience” and I have no hesitation in recommending your services to the industry – I look forward to working with you in the future,

Mr R Skiba / Director Human resources FLIR Systems

James is a well-connected individual within our industry. He is able to source high quality candidates in a very quick time frame due to his extensive network. He is a tireless proponent for the companies he works for and stays with you all the way through the new hire getting up to speed in the new position. I have worked with many fine recruiters throughout my career and James ranks right at the top when it comes to getting top quality results. I enjoy working with him on any assignment that we send his way.

Mr R Stevens / CEO Tampa Yacht Manufacturing

I found James to be an honest, considerate, and professional individual who possesses the ability to understand things from another person’s perspective. At all times mindful, respectful and supportive of others, James is a contemplative listener, who is attentive to the needs of his customers. James has strong social skills and is a great direct communicator. I know James to be an individual of high moral fiber, possessing strong moral values without imposing his values on others.

Mr C Kochuyt / CEO Seyntex

I have been working with James for a couple of months and I am impressed about his enormous motivation and passion for the job he does. James is reliable, honest and very enjoyable in the various contacts we had; qualities which make our professional lives so valuable !

Mr B Vervaecke / CEO SIOEN NV

James is a real professional , understanding quickly one’s needs and finding the right answer. He will never give up till the job is completely done.

Mr M Dimmack / UK Plant Manager Zero CASES Ltd

James has during contact with Zero Cases UK ltd,
engaged with the team and has been proactive with the many varied requests he has undertaken,
• Participated within the team during the recruitment of additional sales personal at all levels
• Being involved with various team activities and produced excellent feed back within the UK team.

His hunger for the next task, enthusiasm and general positive attitude too many different types of requests, is to be applauded and has been infectious to the whole team at Zero. He is very much a team player and interacted easily with the team, with whom he has mixed with extreme ease. James demonstrates considerable expertise and knowledge of various communication tools within the recruitment arena, it has been a pleasure to work with him, and he makes an onerous job easier.