Kajaki – a British war film

‘Kajaki’ tells the extraordinary true story of a group of British soldiers caught in a Soviet-era minefield near the Kajaki Dam in Helmand Province in 2006.  With a dozen young men trapped under a burning sun for over four hours, with rescue seemingly impossible and with the hidden enemy taking its awful toll, this ground-breaking suspense thriller reveals for the first time the true comradeship, courage and character of the modern British soldier.
The feature film has been developed with the support of the MoD from interviews with survivors and is an authentic evocation of life for the every day ‘Tom’ in Helmand. The website has video clips and information describing the film www.kajakimovie.com 
The producers are financing the film through an EIS equity raise. Subscriptions start from a minimum of £5,000 and the company is seeking to raise a total of £1.2million.  A crowd funding campaign has also raised£47,000 and there are corporate sponsorship opportunities.
The producers plan to shoot in Jordan in May / June and release at the end of 2014.
Please email the Kajaki team for further details on the investment opportunity: lucy@kajakimovie.com

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