Standby for Operation Pegasus

Op Pegasus is a comprehensive and detailed listings tool designed to be used as a key point of reference in lead generation and help promote your company’s products or services.

Due to difficult market conditions, the marketing strategy for a business has become one of the key weapons to unlock new opportunities and differentiate a company from its competitors.

Operation Pegasus provides the ultimate opportunity to engage, persuade and educate your target audience. Our profile portal covers all aspects of your company’s marketing communications to help increase wider recognition for your company, maximise exposure and broaden your companies networking capacity. This operation is used as a tool to form an alliance with our clients, future clients and business partners. We want this operation to be mutually beneficial for all parties and therefore Operation Pegasus is on standby to support your business and promote it as much as possible.

Op Pegasus will display your companies:

  • Hi-res branding images. i.e. Site banners, Logos and products.
  • 2 x forms of company literature (white papers)
  • Product information
  • Media files e.g. video
  • Latest company news
  • Marketing materials and promotions
  • Contact details

All enquiries will be handled in strict confidence and distributed to your point of contact at the earliest possible opportunity.

Operation Pegasus: IS LIVE