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Armadillo Merino®

Next-to-skin Protection for Professional Risk Takers

Armadillo Merino® designs, manufactures and sells protective next-to-skin clothing that utilizes the unique performance properties of merino wool.

The Armadillo Merino® advantage

Armadillo Merino® garments are constructed for demanding environments and use a range of merino performance fabrics that deliver superior protection, performance and comfort to wearers.

Who wears Armadillo Merino®?

Armadillo Merino® is worn by professional risk takers operating in high-risk environments throughout the world. These elite teams include specialist units from the army, navy, air force, police, security, fire, and search & rescue teams who are operating in the most challenging of conditions. Armadillo Merino improves their chances of survival and reduces the potential for injury.

History – why Armadillo Merino®?

Armadillo Merino® was established in 2011 by Andy Caughey after he read about soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan who incurred serious skin burns. Why, because their army issued base layers made from petrochemical materials (synthetics) melted into their skin following exposure to IED explosions. The injuries are painful and difficult to treat and cause long-term permanent disfigurement and lifelong scarring.  Many soldiers have been injured this way. With Armadillo Merino® there is now an option with natural flame resistance (FR) and no melt, no drip properties. This alone can significantly reduce the extent of injuries inflicted.

We live in world dominated by cotton and synthetic clothing. The choice of fabrics and styling in baselayer garments has been heavily influenced by the popularity of sportswear brands using synthetic “performance” fabrics. These are associated with top athletes and infer improved performance properties such as wicking. The reality of operating on the frontlines is very different to that of a supported athlete on the sports field.

Around the world today teams are still being issued with synthetic garments (think of melting plastic) as uniforms for soldiers, firemen and police officers. The majority of the allied forces issue synthetic baselayer garments to their officers even though there has been significant research and medical evidence that highlight the dangers of wearing petrochemical based clothing.

Why Armadillo Merino®?

Merino has remarkable technical attributes including flame resistance up to 600C combined with no melt, no drip properties. At Armadillo Merino® we have undertaken research to develop a range of next-to-skin garments which use the properties of merino to help protect at risk professionals.

We have combined superfine merino fibre with modern manufacturing techniques to create new performance fabrics and garments that are regarded as  “the most advanced next-to-skin clothing in the world”.

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