Artillery Systems

Master Trainer


Competitive Salary

Position description

As a KSARG master trainer, you will, after receiving OEM training by the (sub) contractors have the responsibilities related to the following activities:

  • Exert the role of master trainer at the training facilities in France and in the Royal Guard training facilities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (further mentioned as KSA);
  • Support the engineering activities during the project’s development phase (in France and North America);
  • Support the contractual firing tests during the project’s development phase (In Europe, North America and KSA);
  • Support the Tech Pubs and manuals validation process (in Europe);
  • Duties will include, but are not limited to,
    • Development of the training curriculums and training aids for all training activities (Train the trainers, Specialty training, New Equipment Training (further mentioned as NET Trg), Ammo handling training, level 40 , further mentioned “depot”, training);
    • Development of the training programs and the related firing exercises ;
    • Execution of the “Train the trainer “ program;
    • Coaching activities to the Specialty Training (executed by the trainers) ;
    • Evaluation of the trainers during the Specialty training and the NET training  ;
    • Ensure the implementation and application of all safety and health regulations on the sites and
      on the firing ranges during the training activities ;
    • Keeping full administration / records of all training related issues .

Required Education:

Experience in military training (user and /or maintenance level) is required.
Qualification as a master gunner (trainer) is a considerable bonus.

Candidate requirements

Required Work Experience: Ideal candidate should have:
  • Military experience as  trainer on the user /maintenance level towards gun / machinegun equipped turret systems ;
  • Good facilitator, team spirit, organized, rigorous, available, disciplined , motivated by the achievement and have the sense of initiative;
  • Proficient in MS Office applications, such as Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, etc..;
  • Spirit of synthesis and the ability to read / write documents (reports, technical documents,...) in English is required, the knowledge of the Arabian language is regarded as a bonus. As the training will take part in France, the knowledge of the French language is regarded as a bonus.
  • Open spirit  to operate in a multicultural environment (Europe, North America and KSA)

To register your interest in this position please call James Heaton on +44 (0)75 0000 9048