Land Systems

Senior Sales Manager



Position description

To ensure the realisation of its international projects and to complete the team of his Defence
sector, our client is looking for :
International Sales Manager (NOT BASED IN THE UK)
The mission :
This position is responsible for the overall sales strategy of our client. You will manage
products and services using technical, organisational and customer knowledge to develop a
strong sales team with an end result of signed contracts for revenue generation. In this
context, you will :

Sales Strategy :

· Prepare and update the business plan, sales strategy, forecasts, planning and defining
market share information based on the sector and the Group sales initiatives.

· Prepare sales department budgets and forecasts that are inline with the goals and
objectives of the sector and the Group.

· Implement sales plan based on the approved budget and business plan.

· Develop and maintain procedures and processes with in Sales Department that will lead
to positive and effective interaction with all departments in order to close strong contracts.

· Ensure the sales team maintains strong and positive customer relationships.

· Present the sector in a positive and meaningful way that will lead to sales and generate

· Maintain up-to-date understanding of Defence trends and technical developments that
affect the target markets.

· Analyse market needs and requirements and propose suggestions for product
development and innovation.

· Monitor the competition.

· Define a program to measure customer satisfaction after contract is completed.

· Provide training, guidance and assistance to the sales team as needed
Sales Contacts:

· Manage key accounts and assist sales team in their account management. Develop and
cultivate contacts at high levels within the Defence sector.

· Balance customer relationships, customer satisfaction and company interest in a
reasonable fashion.

· Qualify leads to ensure the sales team is focusing their effort on realistic contracts.

· Assist in developing sales opportunities and key accounts through presentations,
qualification documents and conferences with potential customers.

· Keep up to date with market research to identify potential and current customer needs
and develop an effective application of products and services. If appropriate suggest
product improvements directly to customers.

· Evaluate product and service marketability in terms of customers’ technical and
manufacturing needs.
Sales Process:

· Generate proposals as necessary to meet or exceed the objectives of the sales strategies and minimize company risk.

· Assure the quality of the proposals by reviewing, evaluating and providing direction and
resolution with respect to contract issues, and business risk.

· Participate in the review and resolution of commercial terms and conditions of a contract
as well as contract closing with clients, in support of the sales team as needed.

· Coordinate and manage, with the assistance of appropriate departments, all bid
preparation and bid strategy activities to satisfy technical optimization, estimating,
scheduling and risk management requirements.

· Manage all communication with customers and appropriate departments to ensure strong
proposal preparation and resolve any problems or issues.

· Provide general assistance for development and maintenance of processes and
standards and procedures that will assure consistent proposal execution.

· Establish and manage internal resource needs, meeting proposal schedules and
workflow in a cost efficient and effective manner, and maintain a good working
relationship between departments.

· Continually follow up and communicate with customer to close the sale.

Candidate requirements

The profile : · You have a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering, a Master’s degree is a plus. · You have a minimum of ten years of experience and a minimum of five years of experience as a sales manager with strong management experience. · You have an extensive knowledge of the Defence sector. · You are enthusiastic with excellent presentation, written skills, ability to work well under pressure. · You are detail oriented with excellent organizational and time management skills. · You are able to travel regularly both nationally and internationally and on short notice. · You are able to work independently and be a good problem solver. · You are fluent in French and English, the knowledge of any foreign languages is a plus. This Senior Sales Managers role is not based in the UK. This is a great opportunity to work with a fantastic organisation on Defence Land & Weapon systems. It would require you to relocate. *DO NOT APPLY IF YOU ARE NOT IN A SALES OR MANAGEMENT ROLE IN THE DEFENCE SECTOR*

To register your interest in this position please call James Heaton on +44 (0)75 0000 9048