VestGuard UK supplies the very best in British manufactured ballistic protection systems for personal and vehicle protection to the public and private sectors. We are world-leading specialists in recommending solutions for individual and tender requirements, giving professional advice and a comprehensive service with every enquiry.

Our strength lies in the dedication to the production of high quality equipment which has been recognised through VestGuard UK being awarded International Business of the Year, and the Counter Terror Award for innovation in Personal Protective Equipment two years running. A great success for our company.

We conduct our business with honour and the VestGuard name is an established brand for quality, service and protection. These are key objectives which drive our company as the largest supplier of body armour worldwide compared to other manufacturers.

VestGuard has grown from strength to strength in the defence sector and today VestGuard operates a team of highly efficient individuals with specialist knowledge in the industry. The VestGuard brand continues to expand and products continue to advance aesthetically, ergonomically and in their ballistic performance to weight capabilities. Research into developing VestGuard products is ever ongoing.


Over the last 20 years VestGuard has been the leading body armour supplier to UK and international government, law enforcement and military agencies. By the time the Iraq and Afghan wars began, VestGuard was at the forefront of the body armour industry. Supporting many government and civilian contractors travelling to these countries, the company quickly caught the attention of a number of other clientele and the company’s products enveloped the market.

Rising to the challenge when the contract to supply the entire Afghan National Army and Police Force was awarded to VestGuard UK. Beating 600 other companies, VestGuard supplied all 160,000 units to Afghanistan without any delays or problems in a contract worth over USD $100Million. This is the largest contract of its kind to be won by a British company.


VestGuard has a base of over 8000 customers in 50 different countries worldwide. We provide every customer with the same level of quality and service whether purchasing one vest, or a thousand. For those who want and need body armour, VestGuard can offer a first class service.

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